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Avoiding Conflicts, Resolving Them, and Reducing Conflict Costs

At the workplace, where many creative minds with sometimes different ideas meet, conflicts are inevitable. They exist between colleagues, at the management level, or between supervisors and their subordinate specialists.

Such conflicts are not only annoying and poison the working atmosphere, they also cost a company a lot of money because productivity automatically suffers as a result. With a conflict management seminar, these do not unnecessarily linger in the air, but are tackled purposefully and satisfactorily for both parties.

The Benefits of Conflict Management Training for Your Company:

  • Improvement of team dynamics
  • Increase in productivity
  • Promotion of a positive working culture
  • Enhancement of leadership skills
  • Reduction of stress and employee turnover

Overview of the training solutions on the topic of conflict management:

Reden und Vorträge konzipieren und strukturieren

Conflict Management

Conflict Training: Handling Conflicts with Confidence!

Basic training for practical conflict management

Additional training solutions that might be interesting:


Communicate Better – Generate Added Value!

The training for the path to new solutions and better relationships

Consultation and service included.

Our HR Development Team is happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate training solution for the field of conflict.

A Conflict Management Seminar Assists in Both Prevention and Resolution

Conflicts can arise for various reasons. Sometimes they are just minor misunderstandings that quickly escalate from a "molehill to a mountain." Therefore, our offered training focuses not only specifically on the actual resolution of a conflict but also on anticipating and ideally preventing it as early as possible. Because naturally, it is better to prevent conflicts than to resolve them. Humans have a powerful tool available for this: communication. If used incorrectly, it can exacerbate conflicts. However, those who learn the art of purposeful communication and open dialogue can actively use it against emerging conflicts or nip them in the bud immediately.

This always includes self-improvement as well. Often, the solution to conflicts lies within one's attitude. Those who engage in self-reflection will consequently achieve better results in dealing with other people - openness and appreciation are just two of the terms directly related to conflict management. It is especially crucial between traditional employees and their superiors that the supervisor is skilled in handling conflicts. Due to their position, the employees they instruct are necessarily below them in the hierarchy, at least within the company. Of course, this circumstance only refers to the distribution of the workforce within a company. Therefore, it is especially important that supervisors deal with the employees under their charge thoughtfully, de-escalatingly, and respectfully.

Konflikte souverän managen

Cooperative Conflict Management Pays Off for Both Sides

Our specially developed concept for a cooperative conflict management seminar is also effective for challenging issues. Therefore, the seminars adopt the essential pillars of the idea of cooperative communication and meaningfully integrate them into the training. The elements found in such a seminar are quite diverse. The first part always involves self-awareness, as knowing oneself is absolutely necessary to keep a cool head and act thoughtfully in a conflict. Especially destructive behavior patterns need to be identified and isolated. Moreover, our trainers determine what type of conflict personality you are: this way, potential weaknesses can be turned into strengths.

Of course, it's always about understanding the conversation partner as well. At the end of a conflict, it is never about subduing the other person. Much more, a smart win-win situation should be created, from which both participants exit satisfied. This lays the groundwork for future conversations and conflicts, as it improves the relationship between the parties. Our experienced and competent trainers will show you how to skillfully steer conversations and de-escalate situations. It also involves the role you play in the company and how it is positioned against other employees within a conflict.

Karina Hagemann

Unser Webinartipp: Konflikte deeskalieren trotz räumlicher Distanz

In diesem Webinar mit unserer Trainerin Karina Hagemann erfahren Sie, wie Sie Konflikte virtuell deeskalieren können und welche Vorteile die virtuelle Kommunikation für Sie in Konflikten haben kann.

Webinar Virtuelle Konfliktlösung