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The task of leaders consists on average of about 80% communication. There is therefore hardly anything that has more influence on the success of a leader than their communication skills! Successful leadership communication creates vibrant relationships and supports employees and teams in unleashing their potentials. Therefore, the lever of leadership training is enormous, as the impacts of good or bad leadership massively influence a company’s success.

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As a Global Partner of Blanchard®, one of the global market leaders in the field of leadership development, we adapt international premium training solutions such as SLII® or Blanchard Management Essentials specifically to the needs of your company for global or local use. We accompany rollouts with our own trainers and coaches as well as the worldwide Blanchard partner network in more than twenty languages.

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Our leadership training addresses different topics from which you can choose the appropriate training solutions according to your needs. Do you want to learn how to adapt your leadership style to certain situations? Are you committed to equal communication? Do you notice that you have leadership problems and want to find out how your personality is closely linked with them? All these are topics that are addressed by the seminars of mensch & kommunikation. There is always room for individual questions, so your employees can greatly benefit from the leadership training.

Overview of leadership trainings

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A great leader can change a person's life. But when inspired leaders and employees at all levels act courageously to connect and engage the people around them, an entire company can be transformed. We want to inspire and encourage people at all levels of a company.

Resources and insights on the topic of leadership

Webinar Leading People through Change

Leading People through Change

How to create a Culture of Change and Readiness in your Company
Jutta Schultejans

Unser Webinartipp: Gute Führung beginnt mit Vertrauen

Unsere Trainerin Jutta Schultejans erklärt, wie Vertrauensaufbau für Führungskräfte gelingt.

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Leadership Training: Communication is (Almost) Everything

Why is there a need for leadership training when hierarchy should have clarified everything? This somewhat provocative question shows that it is not enough for leaders to give instructions to their employees and check their implementation. Leadership means much more:

  • Appreciative interaction
  • Valuable communication
  • Comforting atmosphere

In our training for executives, you will learn how to lead employees without giving orders, and why company interaction should be characterized by mutual respect.

Leadership and Responsibility

Leaders who come to our training because of problems with employees often justify a more authoritarian leadership style with the responsibility they have towards their company. They often explain harsh instructions by the responsibility they have to ensure that “the sales figures are right at the end of the month”. But this only succeeds if employees are also given responsibility. And in this context, one thing is particularly important, which you will also learn in our leadership training: responsibility and trust are closely related. Therefore, the key to successful leadership lies in the trust of employees and appreciation of their abilities.

Designing Barrier-Free Communication

How do you want to find out where there is potential for improvement or need for action in the company if your employees do not have the courage to tell you? How do you want to awaken the know-how that slumbers individually in each employee if innovative ideas are not expressed? And how do you want to become a team if not everyone can express their opinion and also criticize?

Communication should be able to take place without obstacles, and you as a leader can initiate this through open communication. Our leadership trainers will show you that leadership has a lot to do with equal and cooperative communication and how you can implement it specifically.

Experience Fun in Action

Of course, work and the goals behind it are serious matters. But that does not mean that joy at work is not allowed. On the contrary. With some humor, many things are easier and often an inspiring atmosphere is created. With your leadership style, you can contribute greatly to this. It is not for nothing that our slogan is "Communication training with joy and ease". If you can bring this looseness into communication with your employees, you have achieved a lot and you will be amazed at what can change positively!

Communication in Conflicts

Whenever there is criticism and conflict, conscious communication is particularly important. Leadership quality in difficult situations does not mean enforcing plans by force. In our leadership training, you will learn how to gain employees' understanding for your measures and how to assert yourself without insisting on your position. You will learn to listen to other opinions and admit mistakes without losing face. You strengthen your personality and are particularly well prepared for conflict situations.

The Team in Focus

Can you achieve more in the company with individuals or in a team? The answer is clear: "Together we are strong" is not a flat phrase, but the truth. As a leader, you have it in your hands to form a unit from your team. mensch & kommunikation shows you how you can realize this unity.

Leadership has a lot to do with personality. The more openly you approach our seminars, the more you will learn about yourself. About your weaknesses and strengths and opportunities to develop an approachable and team-oriented leadership style with appreciative and mutually respectful communication. You will learn that the role of the leader is not based on power, but on personality, and learn to implement this confidently in your daily work.