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Improve Presentation and Speech Skills Effectively with Tailored Training Solutions

Do you want to support your employees in their rhetorical skills and presentation ability? Then our seminars and trainings on the topic of presentation & speech are the right choice for you. Here you will find not only "classic" topics of rhetoric and presentation but also seminars like "Effectively Preparing and Presenting Decision Templates", which are very closely related to the challenges and topics in the company. Since we tailor each in-house seminar individually for the needs of your group of participants, a customized mix of topics for your needs is guaranteed.

Training solutions on the topic of presentation and speech:

Reden und Vorträge konzipieren und strukturieren


Building Blocks of Successful Rhetoric and Presentation

The proven training solution for getting started with successful presentations, speeches, and keynotes

Additional training solutions that might be interesting:

Creating Presentations

Designing and Creating High-Impact Presentations

From storyline to presentation in a consistent concept.

Consultation and service included

Our HR Development Team is happy to advise you on all topics related to the development of presentation skills.

Resources and insights on the topic of presentation & speech:

Webinar virtuell pitchen und präsentieren

Virtuell pitchen, präsentieren, überzeugen!

Wie Sie erfolgreich im virtuellen Raum agieren
Regina Fingerhut

Unser Webinartipp: Storytelling im Business: Kleine Geschichten – große Wirkung

Bringen Sie Abwechslung und Farbe in Ihre Kommunikation – egal ob für Präsentationen und Vorträge, Meetings und Kundengespräche oder Social Media. Regina Fingerhut verrät Ihnen, wie es geht.

Webinar Storytelling