Nowadays, Learning is Flexible

If learning in a company is to be successful, it must follow the information and learning patterns that employees use in their everyday lives: they visit YouTube and LinkedIn, they use Google, they read blog articles as well as other digital and analog media. This is how people nowadays expand their knowledge and skills. We always keep this in mind when designing flexible learning environments for modern companies.

Learning & Development is diverse!

Our topics are available in numerous formats – in presence, virtually, and digitally:


Face-to-face training

Traditional group training in the seminar room.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

VR and artificial intelligence as immersive mediums for “up-close” experiences.

Live Online Training: How Employees Learn Today

This learning form combines several advantages: On the one hand, live interaction with the trainer and the other participants, and on the other hand, the location independence of a virtual training format. A didactically well-prepared live online training has nothing to do with boring "looking at the screen". It is rich in activity, interaction and therefore highly effective.

Your benefits:

  • Experienced certified live online trainers
  • High didactic competence
  • Well-coordinated project team for smooth preparation and implementation
  • Each live online training is accompanied by a producer on request, who takes care of the technology and communication with the participants
  • Software platform of your choice
  • Seamless integration into blended learning concepts
Live Online Training mit m&k
Interaktive Webinare

Set impulses with interactive webinars

Webinars or web conferences are an ideal medium for quickly providing a large number of employees with insights on topics such as communication or leadership - cost-effective and efficient. Within a few days, we will set up the entire process for you, from the registration to the secondary use of the video recording.

Certified live online trainers conduct the webinars exclusively for your company with your branding, and an experienced team ensures smooth handling in the background.

The benefits of interactive webinars:

  • Interactivity: Interactive webinars allow participants to ask questions and actively participate in discussions and exercises.
  • Scalability: Interactive webinars can be easily adapted to a large number of participants without affecting quality or interactivity.
  • Recordings: Interactive webinars can be recorded and viewed at a later date, allowing participants to repeat or review the material.

eLearning on Demand: Flexible and Always There for You

eLearning is a learning format that operates completely independent of time and location. Whenever and wherever you have time, you log in to our platform and learn. It's that simple. And you can engage with the content at your own pace and leisure. Companies appreciate our eLearning solutions because they can cost-effectively train a large number of employees on a proven and GDPR-compliant platform.

What companies value about our e-learning solutions:

  • Time and location flexibility
  • Ability to accommodate a high number of participants as it's infinitely scalable
  • Sophisticated and easy-to-use eLearning platform
  • Well-coordinated project team for smooth implementation
  • Seamless integration into blended learning concepts
  • Flexible and tailored to the learners’ needs
  • Integratable into all internal company LMS systems
elearning on demand

Our Learning Modalities in Detail:

Live Online Training
Face to Face TrainingInteractive Webinar
Use Case:High need for practice and feedback to build skills
High need for practice and feedback to build skills
Scaling, consistent content delivery, cost-effectiveness
Group Size:6 to 20 participants (depending on the training solution)
6 to 20 participants (depending on the training solution)
Cohorts of 20 to 1,000 participants
Learning Path:LinearLinearLinear
Options for Sustainability:Learning Nuggets, FollowUps
Learning Nuggets, FollowUps
Curated Ressources

eLearning on DemandBlended Learning SolutionsCoaching (Live oder Virtual)
Use Case:Skalierung, Vermittlung konsistenter Inhalte, Kosteneffektivität
Hoher Übungs- und Feedbackbedarf zum Aufbau von Skills
Individuelle Förderung einzelner Mitarbeiter*innen
Group Size:Infinitely scalable
ScalableIndividuals or very small groups
Learning Path:Non linear (with a recommended order)
Depending on the design, linear or non-linear
Options for Sustainability:Optional debriefs, peer learning, combination with live online training or webinars

eLearning, FollowUp

The Depth of Conveyance of Our Learning Formats

Very low

Blog oder Podcast

Blog or Podcast:
Create awareness for a topic within a scalable group of people



Create awareness and initial knowledge on a topic within a scalable group of people.



eLearning on Demand:
Create skillset within a scalable group.


Live Online Training

Live Online Training or Face to Face Training:
Create and deepen skillset and mindset within a small group.

Very high

Blended Learning

Blended Learning Solution:
Create, deepen, and solidify skillset and mindset within a small group.

Extremely high

Virtuelles Coaching

Effectively change, deepen, and solidify skillset and mindset in individuals.