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Communication Seminars for Genuine Win-Win Solutions

Communication is one of the most important skills for successful employees and companies in the 21st century. A good communication culture within the company can not only avoid conflicts but also contribute to cost savings. Studies show that employees are bound by conflicts for an average of 15% of their working time, and for executives even up to 50%.

We offer communication seminars for companies to improve internal communication and collaboration. We specifically work on the internal attitudes and communicative skills of the participants to promote a cooperative working culture. With our workshops and seminars, we equip your employees with the necessary communication tools to work successfully and cooperatively.

Overview of the trainings on communication:

Reden und Vorträge konzipieren und strukturieren


Communicate Better – Generate Added Value!

The training for the path to new solutions and better relationships

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Effective training measures begin with first-class consulting. Our consulting team supports your training planning with a wealth of experience and a lot of creativity.

Resources and insights on the topic of communication

Webinar Conversational Capacity

Conversational Capacity

The Secret to Building Successful Teams That Perform When the Pressure is on
Angela Bittner

Unser Webinartipp: Verhandlungssache: Ehrliches Interesse & Empathie statt verbalem Armdrücken

Kommunikationsexpertin Angela Bittner zeigt, wie Sie Verhandlungen einfacher und erfolgreicher gestalten können.

Link zum Webinar

The Benefits of Improved Communication Skills for Businesses:

Leadership/Executive Development

A communication seminar can make a significant contribution to leadership and personnel management. Good communication skills are essential for appropriate and successful leadership. It contributes to higher flexibility in perception and communication and is particularly beneficial within the framework of situational and cooperative leadership models.

Team Skills/Team Development

Similarly, good communication is an important prerequisite for a productive and well-functioning team. A positive communication culture and a high degree of mutual appreciation are prerequisites for high identification of team members with the team. Cooperative communication can help convey the attitudes and settings as well as the tools that enable high effectiveness of the team and satisfaction and identification of each individual with the team.

Innovative Capability

Excellent communication skills are also crucial for the success of innovation processes. Innovation processes require close cooperation and open exchange and communication of all involved. Often, it is communication that brings momentum and dynamism to the process or brings it to a standstill. Therefore, employees must be able to exploit their communicative potential in cooperative interaction to make the best use of processes meaningfully.