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Developing High Performance Teams

What is the key factor for a team's success? Google wanted to know precisely and examined in the “Project Aristotle”, which factors have the highest influence on a team's probability of success. The following five factors emerged:

  1. Psychological Safety
  2. Dependability
  3. Structure and Clarity
  4.  Meaning
  5.  Impact of Work

Further studies building on these showed that these results are transferable to every other company and team. Therefore, in every team development, we place great emphasis on focusing on these five critical success factors.

Team Development: Only a Strong Team is Successful

A crucial role for the quality of a team is communication. Our team development is always simultaneously a communication training and provides evidence that such training neither has to be dry nor boring. Only when training is done with joy and ease, the learned content remains well in memory and can be implemented permanently.

Action-Oriented and Everyday Related Learning Projects

The basis for team development is action-oriented and everyday related learning projects. This way, the strengths and development potentials in the team can be made visible and tangible for everyone. Together, based on these insights and experiences, we work out solid steps for practical everyday implementation. The workshop should generally last one to two days. For a good result, a transfer workshop should take place four to six months later, taking up one day.

Overview of the training solutions on the topic of team development:

Reden und Vorträge konzipieren und strukturieren

Team Development

Agile thinking and acting

How Your Team Can Act Agilely as Part of the Organization

Additional training solutions that might be interesting:

Leadership Training

Building Trust

How to Establish a Culture of Trust as a Leader

Consultation and service included

Our HR Development Team is happy to advise you on all matters related to the development of high-performing teams

Nicole Starrmann

Unser Webinartipp: Was machen erfolgreiche Teams und Führungskräfte anders?

Nicole Starrmann zeigt, wie Sie das Insights Discovery Persönlichkeitsprofil als Instrument der Teamentwicklung einsetzen können.

Webinar Insights Discovery

Cooperative Team Communication as the Basis for Appreciative Collaboration

For a team’s lasting success, good interaction is essential. Discussing to clear issues and providing constructive criticism can be helpful. The mode of communication is crucial for its effectiveness. In every team development seminar, communication training is central. Typically, our trainers are both team and communication trainers. They combine the best of team training and communication to prepare your team for enduring success.

Company-Internal and Practical Seminar

To ensure your team can optimally benefit from what is learned, the seminar is conducted within your chosen premises. The contents are best conveyed in a small group with a maximum of ten participants. If your team is larger, an additional trainer is added. Even if your employees choose different paths for various reasons, seminar participation remains beneficial. Participants receive a certificate for their resumes and future applications.

How Participants Benefit from Training

In the seminar, participants learn the basics of group dynamics and positively alter their roles as employees or leaders. The team development seminar teaches participants to understand their role in the team and ensure their team's success even in uncertain conditions. Participants develop their social skills to continually enhance team success. Information exchange and collaboration within the team improve, while friction losses in daily team communication decrease.

Content of Team Development

The seminar provides content from the areas of team development and communication. For effective retention, the seminar is conducted practically and with ease.

This section reflects the team in action. The team, through a fun, action and experience-oriented project, learns more about themselves. Subsequent feedback elaborates the success factors for effective teamwork. The team composition is made transparent, showcasing opportunities and risks. It encourages engagement with the team's identity, reflecting on roles, recognizing, and utilizing potentials. Each team is characterized by diversity, which should be highlighted and utilized for initiating collective change processes.

Communication Training

Participants learn about cooperative communication and its functioning. Perhaps you often wonder if you are understood as intended. Learn more about the success factors in information transfer. Successful communication requires utilizing interfaces. Recognize what the other needs and what you can offer. Learn to communicate in a problem and solution-oriented manner. In the team development seminar, gauge the effectiveness of your communication.