Learning is flexible. So are we.

Our claim Learn. Develop. Grow. reflects our commitment to support companies and their employees in acquiring new skills in leadership and communication, applying them in practice, and thus growing together.

For this, we bring more than 10 years of experience in the development, organization, and implementation of customized training solutions, combined with the 40-year expertise of our international license partner Blanchard®.

As the German partner of the world leader for leadership trainings, we offer, among other things, globally recognized training solutions like SLII. Powering Inspired Leaders™ and an international network in over 30 countries for international rollouts.

In this way, we ensure that our learning and training solutions deliver a high return on investment for our customers - globally, regionally, everywhere.


German Education Award 2023/2024: m&k in first place!

m&k is the overall winner of the German Education Award 2023/2024 in the category 'Executive Training'! The award is presented by Deutsches Institut für Service-Qualität in cooperation with the television channel ntv.

Our Mission

At mensch & kommunikation GmbH, we believe in authentic connections. Since our inception in 2011, our philosophy has been clear: genuine, eye-to-eye interactions should be at the heart of all we do. Our team thrives on a positive, appreciative view of individuals, paired with a genuine joy in fostering growth in people and organizations alike.

Cooperation isn't just a buzzword for us; it's the very foundation we're built on. We're convinced that at our core, we're all wired to work together. This collaboration not only leads to success but makes the journey itself fulfilling and meaningful.

When we talk about learning, we're really talking about personal growth. Improving in communication and leadership shapes our very essence. Every trainer and coach in our fold understands this profound impact and approaches their role with the dedication and mindfulness it deserves.

While we're serious about our mission, we also believe learning should spark joy and passion. We strive to present our topics in a way that's engaging, ensuring participants leave not only more knowledgeable but also truly inspired about the world of communication. Join us in this journey where genuine connection meets professional growth.

Training is Teamwork

From the initial inquiry through training planning and conception to billing, our experts are at your side. Our goal is not only intensive and educational experiences for your participants, but also a transparent and effective process from A to Z, which is adapted to your company processes and integrates flexibly and smoothly, whether a DAX group or a medium-sized company.


m&k is a Global Partner of Blanchard in Germany

As part of the worldwide Blanchard network with more than 50 global locations, we implement both customized training for individual company needs and scalable premium training solutions in various countries, cultures, and languages.


Founding of mensch & kommunikation GmbH


Development of the Concept of Cooperative Communication


Relocation to Munich


Global Partner of Blanchard®


m&k turns 10 years old


Global Partner Award from Blanchard®


German Education Award 2023/2024 in the category of Leadership Training presented by Deutsches Instituts für Service-Qualität in Cooperation with ntv


Blanchard® Partner of the Year Award

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This is how we ensure quality

Ongoing Seminar Evaluation

We continuously evaluate the training results based on our evaluation forms and question the results through phone calls with participants. In feedback discussions with human resources development, we additionally collect feedback on the participants' learning successes.

Regular Internal Training and Didactic Further Education

Twice a year, we conduct a 2-day internal trainer training. In addition, we cooperate with the didactic specialist Harald Gross from Orbium Seminare, who offers a seminar on new developments in pedagogy and didactics for our trainers annually.

Own Junior Trainer Training

Since 2013, we have been training young trainer talents ourselves and introducing them to the tasks at m&k.

Learning Transfer Research in Cooperation with Universities

We work together with several universities (including the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart and the University of Innsbruck) to gain new insights into the optimal training transfer of seminar participants. There, we award bachelor and master theses on this topic.

Continuous Process Optimization

With external partners, we continuously work on the internal optimization and anchoring of our quality processes.