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Meeting Culture as a Crucial Driver for Corporate Performance

The management consultancy Kampmann, Berg & Partner discovered in their study "Corporate Control 2016" that high performers possess a much more result-oriented meeting culture compared to companies classified as low performers. For instance, three quarters of the top performers have meeting rules that contribute to a result-oriented discussion, while more than half of the less successful companies complain about inefficient meetings. The conclusion of the authors is clear: “Meeting culture is a crucial driver for the performance of the entire company." More information…

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Meeting Moderation - The Path to Efficient Meeting Culture

Successful meeting moderation depends on many different variables. In our team development and meeting moderation seminars, we not only familiarize you with important rhetoric and appropriate communication, but also train you in realistic scenarios to establish and enforce an efficient meeting culture. Our trainers and experts impress not only with their rhetorical and didactic knowledge but also with their experience in various sectors and companies.

Meeting Culture Must Develop

It's hardly possible to completely overhaul a company’s meeting culture and efficiency overnight. Our seminars in the field of meeting moderation are not expected to achieve that. They aim to enhance your knowledge on how presentations and meetings can be effectively managed and directed towards efficiency. We provide participants with the tools necessary for changing a company's meeting culture, allowing for impactful and correct communication over time to improve your company’s meeting culture and integrate precise communication and effective presentation.

Theory and Practice Closely Linked

Of course, underlying theories are important for understanding the connections and links between efficiency and meeting culture. However, we do not want our seminar to appear dry or boring. Participants should test in practice, talk, present, and learn to apply theoretical foundations in direct communication. Our trainers and coaches consistently support you, ensuring a direct and efficient connection of seminar content with the techniques you use.

Speech, Counter-Speech, and Presentations - Make Meetings More Efficient

An effective and success-oriented meeting culture can determine a company’s success and performance. Within meeting moderation, you are often responsible for setting the foundation for meeting efficiency in your company. Appreciating participants and colleagues and valuing the work time spent in meetings play a crucial role. If you are confident in your appearance, convince with rhetoric and body language, and can actively structure the meeting, you will be surprised by the effect.

Reflective and Stringent

A significant part of our seminars on meeting moderation and rhetoric is reflecting on your external impact. Self-perception and external perception often diverge greatly. Those who consider themselves goal-oriented are often perceived as abrupt or cold by others. Therefore, reflection on your own behavior is included in our meeting culture seminar. Only when you know your effect on others and perceive yourself correctly can you serve as a role model and leader and elevate the meetings in your company to a new level. In coaching, learn to clarify your point, convince in speech and presentation, and effectively utilize the efficiency of your rhetoric! In the Team Development and Meeting Culture seminar, quickly and securely learn and apply all essential tools tested in practice.